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Universe Of The Child 2010 by Sacha Jafri

March 24th 2010

  Sacha started this extraordinary ‘Universe of the Child’ journey to help children in war-torn or poverty-stricken regions rehabilitate through the therapy afforded by art. Jafri identified 28 countries including: The UAE, Syria, Jordan, India, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Egypt, Yemen, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Palestine, Qatar etc and through 2008 – 2010 spent a couple of weeks in each, including politically-volatile areas like Darfur and Gaza.

Universe of the Child is the result of his interactions and work with both the ‘Special Needs’ and ‘Able-Bodied’ children of these regions; creating paintings representative of their: aspirations, their understanding of themselves and their sense of identity and belonging to both their national and international community as well as their sense of expression both internal and external and their dreams - their sense of truth and how they relate to their anthropological past, emotional present and hopeful future. An attempt to capture the soul and spirit of each individual country through the eyes, hearts and minds of the ‘Child’. - A barometer of truth for each country’s pulse, heart-beat and spirit.  ‘My paintings aim to uplift, excite and energize us beyond this world and into the more emotive and dream-like aspirations within the Transitional World of Magical Realism – an electric shock to the senses, aiming to uplift the soul and seduce the spirit’.  

Following its worldwide unveiling at Cuadro, the collection will be exhibited at 12 museums around the world and will be auctioned off to raise as much money and awareness as possible for the suffering and underprivileged ‘special needs’ and ‘war-torn’ children of the world.