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Marc Sijan

March 18th 2010 to May 30th 2010

This March, Cuadro unveils new works by hyper-realist sculptor Marc Sijan. These sculptures of everyday people have become iconic to Cuadro Fine Art Gallery.  In his sculptures, Sijan does not celebrate the ideal form; his works are tributes to real people and in their realism they are unpretentious and gritty; communicating a deep sense of emotion. In order to achieve the ultra-realistic finish, Sijan initially works from a live model and produces a plaster mould. He then sculpts the interior of the mould with tools and a magnifying glass and then casts the figure in a polyester resin. To achieve realistic flesh tones, Sijan applies up to seventy-five coats of paint and varnish. His goal is to achieve depth, yet translucency.  Sijan spends as long as six months reproducing these details on each piece.

Sijan has participated in over 200 museum exhibitions and 30 solo shows. Several of his sculptures are owned by museums, such as the Byer Museum of the Arts in Evenstan (Illinois, USA) and the San Francisco Museum of Arts (California, USA).