• Herdsman Lake Perth Western Australia I
  • Horrocks Beach Rd Western Australia I
  • Installation View
  • Ramsey Island II
  • Roe Deer Docklands London I
  • Salt Creek Death Valley
  • Black Canyon Mojave Desert in Lightbox
  • European Wolf Red Squirrel Docklands London.jpg

Mirrored by Maslen and Mehra

March 17th 2010 to May 30th 2010 Cuadro Fine Art Gallery

In March, Cuadro Fine Art Gallery is exhibiting works by UK artists: Maslen and Mehra in an exhibition titlted "Mirrored" . 



Maslen & Mehra create temporary interventions with mirrored sculptures, setting them up in various compositions in different contexts and photographing them with a medium format camera. Their works see people from an urban context placed in a more natural environment. The juxtaposition of highly urban people placed in more natural landscapes result in works that raise issues of human existence on earth and alludes to the impermanence and fragility of mankind.

For this exhibition, the photographs are presented on large advertising light boxes that have been salvaged after spending over 15 years in the London underground.