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  • The Resistance (girls in an interior)
  • Writing in the Sand
  • The Dance of the Sun and the Moon in the Desert
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Writing in the Sand by Alex De Fluvia, The Art Residency at Cuadro

March 16th 2010 to May 30th 2010 Cuadro Fine Art Gallery

This March Cuadro showcases works by artist in residence, Alex De Fluvia who spent 3 months in Dubai working from a fully equipped studio at Cuadro Fine Art Gallery. His residency is part of a comprehensive program of local and international residencies aimed at the development of the Arts in the Gulf. 

Upon his arrival, he visited key cultural spots in different emirates and experienced the harmonious balance between tradition and modernity in the UAE. 

De Fluvia also spent time researching new materials & media from the region to further develop his style.


Cuadro will unveil large scale works by De Fluvia and invite collectors to visit the Artist's studio based at Cuadro in the DIFC.