• Taam Al Jerah

Kholoud Sharafi is a UAE national, born in Dubai in 1987. Kholoud graduated from the American University of Sharjah with a BSc in Visual Communications in 2008. Sharafi has participated in various workshops and exhibitions and her work has been showcased in various local publications including Gulf News, Khaleej Times and Time Out Dubai.

Kholoud’s primary style is printmaking; however her work is rarely flat. She utilizes mixed media to create multiple dimensions, thereby adding depth to her work. In her Um Kulthoum series, Kholoud relies on a set of cardboard transfer prints to explore and capture the making of an icon. Um Kulthoum, the 1950’s Egyptian singer, songwriter and actress is reflected in various borders. The television, the film strip and the projector capture her within a frame, allowing her only to be seen through the medium through which she was exposed and eventually immortalized and revered by all.