• Improvisations II

Ebrahim Bu-Saad was born in Bahrain in 1954. The discovery of his talent as a child preceded his formal academic years and his crude graffiti on the walls of houses could not go unnoticed. He worked as a calligraphist in the Ministry of Education in 1973 and in 1978 received a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Baghdad. Bu-Saad is a founding member of the Bahrain Arts Society.

Early in his career, Bu-Saad’s artistic knowledge flourished as a consequence of his surroundings; by way of the alleys, the people, the old quarters, the sea, the dhows, the palm trees and the birds of the old town of Muharraq where he was born. For Bu-Saad, the environment is an essential component of an artist’s disposition. His recent work is the embodiment of the outcome of a consistently anxious search for new possibilities that reflect his desire to tackle controversial human issues occurring in today’s world.

Ebrahim Bu-Saad is the recipient of numerous awards including first prize from the Emaar Art International Convention (Dubai, 2005) and the Golden Leaf Award for the GCC Exhibition (Oman, 2006). His works are in public collections in Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait and the UAE and he has participated in over 30 group and solo exhibitions in the Middle East, Europe and the Far East. Bu-Saad’s work, ‘Takasseem’ (2001) was recently acquired by the British Museum.