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Futura 2000 was born in New York in 1955. He had humble beginnings in the 1970’s as a frustrated youth that turned to graffiti as a means of self expression, illegally painting on trains and city walls. His first solo show was at the FUN Gallery in the East Village in 1982. This cemented his reputation as a commercially successful urban artist with a unique style. In the 1980’s most graffiti artists focused on lettering. It was at this time that Futura experimented with abstract street art. This technique distinguished Futura from the rest of the movement. As a pioneer of street art, Futura helped in legitimizing the medium, elevating it from vandalism to contemporary art. He has, to this very day, remained current, fresh, and evolving, and his distinctive style has paved the way for a whole new generation of high profile urban artists. In March of 2009, Futura was a resident artist at Cuadro and many of the works currently on display were created in Dubai and inspired by his stay in the Gulf.