• Four Hundred And Forty
  • Four Hundred And Forty II
  • Four Hundred And Forty III
  • Four Hundred And Forty IV
  • x = 43
  • x = 43 II
  • x = 43 III
  • Eleventh of July (Ball, Bomb, Sun)
  • Eleventh of July (Ball, Bomb, Sun) II
  • Eleventh of July (Ball, Bomb, Sun) III
  • Sixth of March
  • Sixth of March II
  • Sixth of March III

Fragmented Events

November 14th 2011

Works in Athier's “Fragmented Events” series depict significant and insignificant unrelated events linked through abstract visual techniques. Explosions, solar eclipses and the world’s largest dog are all given an equal footing, mirroring their exposure in the news and their poignancy - or lack thereof - in a media-saturated contemporary society.