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Abdolreza Aminlari | remnants

January 18th 2017 to May 12th 2017

The exhibition is comprised of three series of work that are interwoven through concept and geometric elements. Presented are Aminlari’s continuation of thread drawings, in which he uses vintage gold thread to hand stitch into paper. Through repetitive actions and gestures, Aminlari takes on a practice reminiscent of domestic and factory labor, to reflect on the passage of time in our daily rituals. The final outcome is reductive geometric parallelograms stacked one upon the other.  The reflective gold thread gives the illusion of depth and three-dimensionality.

For his new series of works, Aminlari expands on his gold parallelogram drawings.  By omitting segments of the drawings, the work disintegrates from the previous full field works to one that is reminiscent of pattern. For Aminlari, the randomness in the design and the utilization of negative space reflects the degradative effects of time. Much like the fragmented artifacts and old textiles displayed at museums, the remnant patterns of this work hint at the fading and disintegration of the previous work.

For the photographs presented, Aminlari, use an IPhone to capture the shifting patterns of light and shadow on his windowsill. Taken at different times of day and year, the photographs document how the passage of time plays out across his own bedroom. The photographs not only reference the geometries present in his thread drawings, they also reference the transformative aspect that light has on the reflective gold of the drawings. At first glance the images seem void of color, but upon closer examination slight hues of blues and yellows begin to emerge giving further evidence to the changing light.