Growing up in Muharraq, Bahrain, Omar Al Rashid was inspired by the stark contrast between the austere, ubiquitous black abayah (black cloak) worn by women and the myriad of vibrant colours and designs on the fabrics that lay beneath it. Whether one observes his paintings focused on the female form, or his later works with traditional games as a subject; his dedication to colour, light and pattern is always present, playing a central role in his works. Al Rashid also strives to incorporate personal experiences and his culture into these works. The philosophy underlying his work is the marriage of a modern sense of style with a strong sense of tradition.

His latest drawings from the “Child” series suggest the power of memory and its ability to evoke a renewal of tradition. These works document his reflection on his own pleasant childhood memories, making them his most personal works. His figures are drawn to give one the impression that he is, consciously and subconsciously, expressively returning to the serenity of the childhood ideal. His renderings are simplistic and naïve; their attraction lies in their childlike charm and innocence.

Omar Al Rashid continues to participate in group and solo exhibitions in Bahrain and internationally.