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  • Ant Without Egg

Susan P. Cochran was born in 1940, in Old Westbury, Long Island, New York. As a child, her father (an artist himself) gave her various books on insects, which she treasures to this day. This background deepened her childhood curiosity and provided a basis for creatively exploring the inhabitants of the undergrowth beneath a magnifying glass.

Cochran’s sculptural works allow the recognizable form of the ant, a creature often overlooked, to be reborn. By exaggerating its sleek form, the artist lends the viewer her eyes from behind the magnifying glass, paying homage to this elegant creature, with its posture of undeniable integrity. In this series of impressive, large-scale cast bronze sculptures, the artist has produced a small parade of ambulatory relatives that share a common denominator of shape and purpose. Cochran’s ants have remarkably beautiful proportions and superb painted finishes. Individually, each work carries with it a unique expression and gesture that brings to the viewer a fresh perspective and an eventual appreciation of these minute, graceful beings.

Cochran has received international attention for her large-scale sculpture installations from prestigious art fairs such as The ArtForm International Fine Art Exposition, The Miami International Art Fair and The Palm Beach International Sculpture Biennale, as well as expositions in Chicago, New York and Santa Fe. Her work is also represented in numerous public and private collections, including those in the New York Fire Department Museum (New York), the Perry Ellis International Building (Miami), Jackson Hole (Wyoming), Maui (Hawaii), Bondville (Vermont) and Tallahassee (Florida).