• From Familiar Strangers Series, 2008 - Ali Taptik
  • From Nothing Surprising Series, 2009 - Ali Taptik
  • The Fairground, 2011 - Sacha Jafri
  • Dance at Dusk, 2011 - Sacha Jafri
  • Ghair Al Nafs, 2010 - Athier
  • These Are Your Feet, 2010 - Athier
  • Untitled 33, 2010 - Jaffar Al Oraibi
  • Untitled 3, 2010 - Jaffar Al Oraibi

Right Here, Right Now

March 14th 2011 to May 9th 2011

The six artists in Right Here, Right Now share the experience of having a transnational identity. It is a challenge to distill elements of their persona as being truly drawn from their countries of origin, having been distanced from them through exile, globalization or both. Their self-expression is therefore one focused on universal themes, such as alienation, vulnerability and personal space.

Although in a secondary role, the attachment to a homeland filters through the works. Landscapes and cityscapes of Saudi Arabia and Turkey are the canvas for Manal Al Dowayan and Ali Taptik, respectively.

The role of homeland is just as palpable in its absence. Jaffar Al Oraibi’s introspection deepened following his immersion in a culture other than his native Bahrain. The distance from Iran due to exile is evident in Sacha Jafri’s dreamlike recollections and Gita Meh’s iconography. Athier draws from Iraqi masters for his interpretations of architecture, calligraphy and symbols.

The artists reinvent elements drawn from their countries of origin in a contemporary style, resulting in diluted versions of the originals. Right Here, Right Now leaves one questioning, does the phenomenon of a transnational identity help us connect with a globalized culture, or does it alienate one further? Is the sense of social cohesion and belonging lost through this abstraction?