• Extremity I, 2012 - Jamil Baloch Extremity I, 2012 - Jamil Baloch
  • Self Similarities I, 2012 - Jamil Baloch Self Similarities I, 2012 - Jamil Baloch

Contemporary Art From Pakistan: Jamil Baloch

January 9th 2013 to February 5th 2013


Jamil Baloch | Extremity

Jamil Baloch’s large-scale paintings and sculpture reflect his upbringing in Balochistan’s rugged, barren landscape. His quotidian interaction with natural elements is integrated into his artwork rather than simply serving as ornamental scenery. His work draws on the emotions evoked by these elements - trees are used for building homes and metals for tools and instruments. Patterns on the fabric of women’s clothing are imposed onto these natural elements, creating a harmony of the natural and the personal experience.


Jamil Baloch (1972) carries a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Sculpture from the National College of Arts in Lahore, Pakistan. He has had numerous solo shows in Pakistan and group exhibitions in Bahrain, Bangladesh, China, England, France, India, Japan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, the UAE and the US. He has taken part in artist residences at the Theertha Foundation in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in Vasl – Artist’s Collective at Gaddani Beach, Balochistan, Pakistan, and at the George Keyt Foundation in the Habarana Village, Sri Lanka.