• Mapping Kuwait Panel 2, 2012 - Roberto Lopardo
  • Mapping Doha Panel 4, 2012 - Roberto Lopardo
  • Mapping Jerusalem, 2012 - Roberto Lopardo

3.13 | Roberto Lopardo | Mapping Beirut

March 18th 2013

The Mappings project engages artist Roberto Lopardo in an experience in which one image is taken every minute during 24 continuous hours, resulting in 1,440 images presented as a monolithic print. Each project begins and ends at a symbolic place and time, and the artist does not follow a predetermined path, rather engages the landscape and subjects as they naturally present themselves. The resulting images provide an insight into a location’s visual chemistry, while reconsidering the role and nature of photography in a postmodern, digital society. Throughout the experience, the artist comments upon deeply rooted photographic notions of found, decisive, sublime and ethereal moments. Mapping Beirut began at sunrise at 6:15am on February 22nd, in Nejme Square (Place de l'Étoile) in Beirut’s central district. With visual cues pointing in every direction simultaneously, at once old yet modern, calm yet turbulent, open yet guarded, and sophisticated yet rudimentary, the artist’s attentions were carried effortlessly from sunrise to sunrise.