Lina Binkele was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1957. In 1980, Binkele studied Anthropology at Los Andes University in Bogotá. The same year, she studied Museology (Museum Studies) at the Institute of Anthropology and History, Paul Coremans Institute, Mexico. Binkele started her career as a consultant in anthropology in 1982, until she began taking courses in woodcarving in Bogotá in 1984. It was after this that she decided to open a woodcarving workshop in Bogotá.

Binkele grew up in the countryside outside Bogotá. At a very early age she began riding horses on her parents’ property, allowing her to develop a personal bond with the animal, which eventually culminated in a profound respect and fascination for the equestrian image in art. Even as a young artist, she sought to recreate the horse’s likeness in drawings, paintings and sculpture, emphasizing the spirit of the subject that had become so familiar to her. As her artistic career developed, Binkele’s style matured; she began to merge her memories of the countryside with her fascination for the horse’s physique. Stunning three dimensional forms in bronze, wood and cast fibreglass in rough and rugged surface textures and earthy colours, reminiscent of the Colombian countryside, allow her to fully capture the true equine essence and express her appreciation for this beloved creature.

Binkele has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and the US. Corporate and private collectors of her work are in South America, the USA and Europe.